Before you hand your dissertation to your university tutor, you will most likely want to proofread it to make sure the document you have accomplished is free from errors. If you deal with a dissertation level paper, it should be proofread by qualified dissertation proofreader. Dissertation proofreadings include proper sentence, grammar, spelling and punctuation check. Competent dissertation proofreader has to include the referencing, which means he has to check the style accuracy, and proper language usage. If your dissertation is written in English, be careful not to include locale difference, for instance, between the USA and Great Britain. Proofreading a dissertation means to read between the lines for construction and clarity of the content.

Dissertation proofreadings guidelines for the paper of this level do not include rewriting statements that are not clear, only marking them out. Rewriting should be included into editing process which a student has to cope with on his own, not with the help of a dissertation proofreader. If you do not know how to proofread a dissertation on your own, a competent proofreader will do that for you. Still, don’t hope that your document will be written for you by some other person. Proofreader will adjust your text to be grammatically correct and point out all the aspects in your paper needed to be approved.

One of the tasks of the proofreader is to check the font for consistency and legibility. Moreover, dissertation proofreading should also include checking graphs, charts for proper labels. Proofreading process also includes checking for proper numbering of the pages, missing pages, odd page breaks, blank pages etc.

One more tip to check the dissertation properly, is to zoom the general view of the page. Thus, you will be able to see missing indentations and the places which include too many spaces between the lines.

In order to accomplish dissertation level paper, you have to check it several times to make sure your dissertation has proper introduction, methodology, content, literature review, discussion, bibliography etc. The majority of universities provide their students with tips, guidelines and samples to accomplish their dissertations in accordance with required writing style.