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Posted in Thesis Help - Sep 28 2011

A thesis is a type of research paper written at the masters’ level of education. The research approach used in a thesis is deeper as compared to one used in a normal research paper at the college level. In my freelance writing job, I have handled several theses and I must accept that a thesis requires more detailed and professional writing than lower level papers. Consequently, a thesis will have a higher bid than a normal research paper.

Besides the level and depth of research conducted in a thesis, the outline of thesis is different to the outline of research paper. For example; a research paper will contain detailed methodologies and literature review whereas in the thesis, more emphasis is placed on data presentation and analysis.

A thesis must also have the thesis statement which is not included in the ordinary research paper. If you are a student undertaking your masters program then you have to be very careful when assigning your thesis to firms in freelance writing service. As I have already said, this paper requires in depth analysis and it will be meaningful if the reliability and worthiness of the company is carefully evaluated lest you risk a poorly written thesis yet very expensive.

Therefore, search for companies well known for the extraordinary performance and as well specify to the company that you would like a writer at the masters’ level to write your thesis or dissertation. If you have a sample copy of a previous thesis then please attach and send it the writer. It may significantly help the essay writer while he is writing your thesis. However, I really encourage you to write your own thesis.

Both undergraduate and post-graduate students need dissertation assistance. This is because they are required to write at least one dissertation before completing their studies and naturally, it is one of the hardest and most challenging student attempts. Luckily, there are currently several firms both offline and online that provide dissertation services to demystify the whole study. Usually, these dissertations have a word count of between 6000 to 20000 words where undergraduates submit 6000-10000 word dissertations, while post-graduates hand over a 15000-20000 word dissertation. For a successful dissertation, these critical points should be adhered to by the student.

A good dissertation is neatly arranged in easy to follow chapters. It usually contains at least five comprehensive chapters following this order: Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Findings and Analysis, and finally conclusion and recommendations. Introduction is 10% of the total word count and includes research topic, aims and objectives, hypothesis, steps of solving the research and a short intro of the research methodology. Always learn to avoid broad research aims and objectives. And, go for narrow and achievable.

Literature review is what has been said about your research topic by other researchers. It constitutes 25% of the ultimate word count. You are supposed to make a thorough review of academic journals and databases like Emerald among numerous dissertation online databases then create and compile notes on topic related information. Research methodology focuses on general research methods and research approaches to follow during your study. It should be suitable and appropriate to your research objectives. Finding and analysis of collected data helps to ensure that the findings are vividly linked to your objectives.  The final chapter should give a systematic summary of the main findings and can include both limitations and scope of further research.

With growing online dissertation services, students from both undergraduate and post-graduate level are now guaranteed of fruitful dissertation assistance.

Thesis/ dissertation is said to be the most major part when you struggling for a master’s or a PhD’s degree and for this reason, when a student is given the task of writing a thesis/ dissertation, his first concern is to find someone who is experienced enough to help him.

Some students go to their teacher to further clarify the given instructions and to guide him with some additional tips while some run into their seniors requesting for help. But there are some smart heads that open the internet and hunt for the websites which promise to provide them with best dissertation services. These websites number in thousands but it is understandable that only few are of use.

The importance of thesis or dissertation is obvious because of the role it plays in your degree and so, no one would want to take a chance in choosing dissertation writers as they are the only one who could help you achieve your goal, especially if you are a fresh one!

Now the choice is yours; whether you want to be in the list of those students who are pressurizing themselves, hunting for dissertation format, going to different people for help, filling up their dustbins with rough drafts, searching in libraries and internet about rules of writing a dissertation and how to go on with a thesis statement or you are from those smart and lucky people who just spend few dollars to appoint a dissertation writer and keep their brains in peace. Or write just a single draft and then choose a professional who could edit it and present you a prefect piece of writing.

The decision is totally yours. Because getting a Master’s or a PhD degree is not a small thing and whatever you write in your dissertation or thesis is of great significance. We can suggest you one of professional dissertation writing services online – mastersthesiswriting.com!

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