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Posted in Thesis Help - Oct 21 2011

A thesis is a document which is submitted by a student for a given academic or professional qualification. Most of the time a thesis is used in the academic field and it presents the research findings of the author from a research that has been done before. A thesis must always have a title page, in which the author’s name and date is given. The thesis must also have an abstract, which is a brief description of what the write up is all about.

The body of the thesis comprises the main content of the research paper, and it contains the different chapters. The last section of the body of a thesis is the conclusion section, which gives a summary of all the chapters contained in the paper. The thesis must also have a bibliography, which consists of all the references that have been used in the paper, with their names, the dates of publication and the publishers. There may be variants in the structure of the paper depending on the subject, but the above breakdown is the most common structure of a thesis.

To earn more points, the author of the paper should be sure to use proper grammar and concrete sentences. He/she should also prove that he/she has a clear understanding of the topic that is being addressed. Good research skills are also a bonus to the paper as this is what will give the marker of the paper confidence author’s work, and hence the ability to earn more points.

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When some writes a research proposal the person needs to think of many things. One of the things to think about when writing a research proposal is the terms and conditions of the assignment. A research proposal can be one of many ideas the writer has. Sometimes the professor will assign the research proposal for the students. Many times the research proposal includes the type of study that the course pertains to.

A research proposal could mean the researcher is doing a special assignment that pertains to his or her field of studies. When a person is assigned a research proposal the person must begin to take the necessary steps of conducting the research. The researcher receives the research proposal and partakes on the necessary steps to begin the research. Oftentimes the research will involve lengthy hours in the library, or in front of a computer. Many research projects involve writing out a long report that goes with the research.

The report turned in along with the research is necessary to inform readers of the report exactly what type of research went into the project. The steps are necessary to take before the researcher can find the answer to the research question. The research question will differ each time someone partakes on a research project or dissertation. The research proposal sometimes involves the researcher conducting some sort of experiment. When the experiment is conducted the results of the experiment will go into the research report. The experiment is oftentimes a necessary part of the research. Without the experiment the report might be considered invalid.

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